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"I wrote a book on sex. It's got a hole in it so you can literally fornicate with it. I've only sold one copy, but I've heard that the buyer shared the book with all his fellow congressmen." ~ Jarod Kintz
"If a piano fell from the sky, my first reaction would be, Oh my God! I hope it didn't crush my bag of chips I left lying on the ground." ~ Jarod Kintz
"We fell in love like the Fourth of July. But there was nothing red, white, and blue about it, because we fell in love in England, despite the fact that the colors on their flag are also red, white, and blue." ~ Jarod Kintz
"The moment I heard her name I fell in love. Of course I fell in love with the wrong name, so I made her legally change her name to match that of my love interest." ~ Jarod Kintz
"Back in high school, I started a gang called "The Illiterates." To easily identify fellow gang members, we all wore letterman jackets." ~ Jarod Kintz
"We were young(ish) when we first fell in love. I was however old I am now minus the number of years it has been since that first day." ~ Jarod Kintz
"I went on a blind date last night. We watched a silent film. We stayed up all night talking in sign language. I fell asleep in the fetal position in her cat's litter box. Ah, 'twas a great night. I'll never forget dancing with an albino under the stars." ~ Jarod Kintz
"My arms and legs fell asleep. Silence of the Limbs." ~ Jarod Kintz
"Somebody get me a bottle of booze—and a reason to quit drinking. I fell in love twice today, and I only encountered one other person." ~ Jarod Kintz
"Our love was somewhere between blue and green. I thought it was turquoise, and she thought it was teal, and that's ultimately why we broke up. Well, that and she fell for a guy whose last name was Brown, of all colors." ~ Jarod Kintz
"Sometimes to make no move is to make the wrong move. That's how I fell in love with a statue. We just sat still and I formed a connection." ~ Jarod Kintz
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