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Jean De La Bruyère Quotes
Jean De La Bruyère Quotes
Jean De La Bruyère Quotes

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Finally," I say, brushing past him as I make my way inside. The heavenly scent of something delicious lights up my senses. "Come in," he says with a note of sarcasm.Marshall strides over and takes me in with my hair all frizzed out, my sweater torn in two places and I look like I've just indulged in a mud bath. A dirty smile slides up the side of his face and I can practically see the pornographic implications playing out in his mind. "You're absolutely filthy—and I most definitely approve." His smile blooms into an all-out sexual leer as he comes in close. "I might be moved to bathe you." He caresses his hand over the side of my cheek. I'm so damn tired I close my eyes and lean into his good vibrations. "Oh, how I'll scrub," he whispers."
Author: Addison Moore

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