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"We Greeks are a moody people. Suicide makes sense to us. Putting up Christmas lights after your own daughter does it--that makes no sense. What my yia yia could never understand about America was why everyone pretended to be happy all the time."-Mrs. Karafilis" ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
"The window gave onto a view of dove-gray roofs and balconies, each containing the same cracked flowerpot and sleeping feline. It was as if the entire city of Paris had agreed to abide by a single understated taste. Each neighbor was doing his or her own to keep up with standards, which was difficult because the French ideal wasn't clearly delineated like the neatness and greenness of American lawns, but more of a picturesque disrepair. It took courage to let things fall apart to beautifully." ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
"Nagyapámnak viszont sokkal szörnyubb valósághoz kellett hozzászoknia. Fogta a kezemet, hogy el ne essen, a fák és bokrok jobbra-balra korcsolyáztak szédülo szeme elott, és eközben hirtelen ráébredt, hogy a tudat valószínuleg nem egyéb a biológia egyik baleseténél. Bár sosem volt vallásos, a lélekben mindig hitt: abban, hogy van bennünk egy ero, ami túléli testünk halálát. De ahogy az agya egyre jobban ingadozott, egyre surubben kapott rövidzárlatot, végül kénytelen volt higgadtan, örökös jókedvéhez képest méltatlanul higgadtan beletörodni abba, hogy az agy is csak egy szerv, éppolyan, mint a többi, a különbség mindössze az, hogy ha ez leáll, mindennek vége." ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
"That's how people live, by telling stories. What's the first thing a kid says when he learns how to talk? "Tell me a story." That's how we understand who we are, where we come from. Stories are everything." ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
"My change from girl to boy was far less dramatic than the distance anybody travels from infancy to adulthood." ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
"Tessio Zizmo had been a virgin when she married Milton Stephanides at the age of 22. Their engagement,which coincided with the Second World War, had been a chaste affair. My mother was proud of the way she'd managed to simultaneously kindle and snuff my father's flame,keeping him at a low burn for the duration of a global cataclysm.... She didn't surrender until after Japan had." ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
"I understood at those times what I was leaving behind: the solidarity of a shared biology. Women know what it means to have a body. They understand its difficulties and frailties, its glories and pleasures. Men think their bodies are theirs alone. They tend them in private, even in public." ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
"- - tämä kaikki on tuuleen huutamista. Itsemurhien ytimessä ei ollut suru eikä salaperäisyys, vaan silkka itsekkyys. Tytöt riistivät itselleen ratkaisut, jotka on viisainta jättää Jumalalle. Heistä tuli liian voimallisia elämään meidän keskuudessamme, liian itsekeskeisiä, liian näkemyksellisiä, liian sokeita. He eivät jättäneet jälkeensä elämää, joka aina siloittaa luonnollisen kuoleman jäljet, vaan mitä arkipäiväisimmän luettelon maallisia seikkoja: seinällä tikittävän kellon, keskipäivälläkin hämärän huoneen ja sen raivostuttavan tosiasian, että ihminen voi ajatella ainoastaan omaa itseään. Että häneen aivonsa saattavat sumeta kaikelle muulle, roihahtaa liekkeihin vain tietyissä täsmällisissä kohdissa, joissa kyse on henkilökohtaisesta kivusta, haavoista ja sortuneista unelmista. Kaikki lähimmäiset loittonevat kuin pieniksi pisteiksi valtaisan jäälautan toiselle laidalle, missä he heiluttavat pikkuruisia käsivarsiaan äänenkantaman ulkopuolella." ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
"Nous savions que les filles étaient nos jumelles, que nous existions tous dans l'espace comme des animaux qui avaient la même peau, et qu'elles savaient tout de nous alors que nous étions incapables de percer leur mystère. Nous savions, enfin, que les filles étaient en réalité des femmes déguisées, qu'elles comprenaient l'amour et même la mort, et que notre boulot se bornait à créer le bruit qui semblait tant les fasciner." ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
"If you try to write posthumously, however, fashion doesn't apply. You step off the catwalk, ignoring this season's trends and resigning yourself to being unfashionable and possibly unnoticed, at least for a while. As Kurt Woolf, Kafka's first publisher in Germany, wrote to him after Kafka's book tanked, "You and we know that it is generally just the best and most valuable things that do not find their echo immediately." Fashion is the attempt to evade that principle: to be the echo of someone else's success and, therefore, to create nothing that might create an echo of its own." ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
"Ezekben az idokben még meg lehetett állapítani az emberek nemzeti hovatartozását a szaguk alapján. Dezdemóna a hátán fekve, behunyt szemmel is felismerte az egyik oldalán fekvo szomszédja árulkodó hagymaszagáról, hogy csak magyar lehet, a másikéról meg, akinek nyershús-szaga volt, azt, hogy örmény." ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
"Miért tanulunk történelmet? Azért, hogy megértsük a jelent vagy azért, hogy megússzuk?" ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
"Mr. Lisbon knew his parental and neighborly duty entailed putting the retainer in a Ziploc bag, calling the Kriegers, and telling them their expensive orthodontal device was in safe keeping. Acts like theses -- simple, humane, conscientious, forgiving -- held life together. Only a few days earlier he would have been able to perform them. But now he took the retainer and dropped it in the toiler. He pressed the handle. The retainer, jostled int he surge, disappeared down the porcelain throat, and, when waters abated, floated triumphantly, mockingly, out, Mr. Lisbon waited for the tank to refill and flushed again, but the same thing happened. The replica of the boy's mouth clung to the white slope." ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
"Then one Sunday morning, before winter break, Abby's boyfriend, Whitney, materialized at their kitchen table, reading something called "Of Grammatology". When Madeleine asked what the book was about, she was given to understand by Whitney that the idea of a book being "about" something was exactly what this book was against, and that, if it was "about" anything, then it was about the need to stop thinking of books as being about things." ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
"Dukakis." A name with more than two vowels in it running for President! The last time that had happened was Eisenhower (who looked good on a tank). Generally speaking, Americans like their presidents to have no more than two vowels. Truman. Johnson. Nixon. Clinton. If they have more than two vowels (Reagan), they can have no more than two syllables. Even better is one syllable and one vowel: Bush. Had to do that twice." ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
"It was the custom in those days for passengers leaving for America to bring balls of yarn on deck. Relatives on the pier held the loose ends. As the "Giulia" blew its horn and moved away from the dock, a few hundred strings of yarn stretched across the water. People shouted farewells, waved furiously, held up babies for last looks they wouldn't remember. Propellers churned; handkerchiefs fluttered, and, up on deck, the balls of yarn began to spin. Red, yellow, blue, green, they untangled toward the pier, slowly at first, one revolution every ten seconds, then faster and faster as the boat picked up speed. Passengers held the yarn as long as possible, maintaining the connection to faces disappearing onshore. But finally, one by one, the balls ran out. The strings of yarn flew free, rising on the breeze." ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
"It is perhaps in reading a love story (or in writing one) that we can simultaneously partake of the ecstasy and agony of being in love without paying a crippling emotional price. I offer this book, then, as a cure for lovesickness and an antidote to adultery. Read these love stories in the safety of your single bed. Let everybody else suffer." ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
"We knew the pain of winter rushing up your skirt, and the ache of keeping your knees together in class, and how drab and infuriating it was to jump rope while the boys played baseball. We could never understand why the girls cared so much about being mature, or why they felt compelled to compliment each other..." ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
"A love story can never be about full possession. The happy marriage, the requited love, the desire that never dims--these are lucky eventualites but they aren't love stories. Love stories depend on disappointment, on unequal births and feuding families, on matrimonial boredom and at least one cold heart. Love stories, nearly without exception, give love a bad name.We value love not because it's stronger than death but because it's weaker. Say what you want about love: death will finish it. You will not go on loving in the grave, not in any physical way that will at all resemble love as we know it on earth. The perishable nature of love is what gives love its importance in our lives. If it were endless, if it were on tap, love wouldn't hit us the way it does.And we certainly wouldn't write about it." ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
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