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"I always carry a tinted moisturiser with SPF sunscreen. A good lip balm is a must - I can't go past Lucas's Papaw Cream." ~ Jessica Hart
"I always believe in buying things locally; anything locally made is a big plus, along with organic materials. I try really hard to do that, and brands really pop out to me if I know they're trying to be environmentally friendly." ~ Jessica Hart
"I don't like kitten heels. I just don't think they are an attractive shoe because they always look so stumpy. And I would never wear cowboy boots: a pointy toe and little heel is just not my thing." ~ Jessica Hart
"Vintage rock T-shirts are the best. I have about 50 or 60, most bought on eBay for a few pounds. You can always tell which ones are genuine because there'll be lots of pictures showing you the holes." ~ Jessica Hart
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