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"Of course it is happening inside your head Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?" ~ J.K. Rowling
"Dear Ron, and Harry if you're there,"I hope everything went all right and that Harry is okay and that you didn't do anything illegal to get him out, Ron, because that would get Harry into trouble, too.I've been really worried and if Harry is all right, will you please let me know at once, but perhaps it would be better if you used a different owl, because I think another delivery might finish your one off.I'm very busy with my schoolwork, of course' ---'and we're going to London next Wednesday to buy my new books. Why don't we meet in Diagon Alley?Let me know what's happening as soon as you can. Love from Hermione." ~ J.K. Rowling
"Of course this is happening in your head, Harry. But that doesn't mean it's not real." ~ J.K. Rowling
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