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"She made a decision and forced out the words. "I'm sorry.""For what?" he asked coolly, not even looking at her. "You dance as beautifully as anyone would expect." "For being intolerably rude," she persisted. "If that is how you see it."He glanced down and raised a brow. "Is not that how you see it?" Amy kept a hold on her temper. "Perhaps. But chiefly, I was being honest.""So was I.""When?" she asked, confused. "When I called you a bitch." He smiled and executed a particularly dizzy turn." ~ Jo Beverley
"Face battles when they come, not before. -Lord Cynric Malloren" ~ Jo Beverley
"And the simple fact was that it might be possible to make oneself fall in love, but only when the heart was free.Amy was having to accept that her heart was not free." ~ Jo Beverley
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