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"Names turned over by time, like the plough turning the soil. Bringing up the new while the old were buried in the mud." ~ Joe Abercrombie
"One day you're something, so promising and full o' dares, so big the world's too small a place to hold you. Then, 'fore you know it, you're old, and you realise all them things you had in mind you'll never get to. All them doors you felt too big to fit through have already shut. Only one left open and it leads to nothing but nothing." ~ Joe Abercrombie
"- Már az elöljárók között is túl sokan vannak, akikben nem lehet megbízni. Manapság nem a király vagy az állam érdekeit tartják szem elott, csakis a saját boldogulásukat. - Az elöljárók? Hogy nem lehet bennük megbízni? Elájulok a döbbenettol." ~ Joe Abercrombie
"One act presses upon another, on a path we have no choice but to follow, and each time there are reasons. We do what we must, we do what we are told, we do what is easiest. What else can we do but solve one sordid problem at a time? Then we look up and find... this." ~ Joe Abercrombie
"This is stupid.""Look. You think how stupid people are most of the time. Old men drink. Women at a village fair. Boys throwing stones at birds. Life. The foolishness and the vanity, the selfishness and the waste. The pettiness, the silliness. You think in war it must be different. Must be better. With death around the corner, men united against hardship, the cunning of the enemy, people must think harder, faster, be...better. Be heroic.Only it's just the same. In fact do you know, because of all that pressure, and worry, and fear, it's worse. There aren't many men who think clearest when the stakes are highest. So people are even stupider in war than the rest of the time. Thinking about how they'll dodge the blame, or grab the glory, or save their skins, rather than about what will actually work. There's no job that forgives stupidity more than soldiering. No job that encourages it more." ~ Joe Abercrombie
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