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"...if you're an artist, you've submitted to authority..." ~ John Geddes
"...each person is required to ask, 'what is my authority?' - on what do you base your decisions? if it's yourself, then you are without excuse..." ~ John Geddes
"...when the room goes silent, someone has spoken with authority..." ~ John Geddes
"...true authority is not based on control - it's based on truth..." ~ John Geddes
"...authority is the unmistakeable tone in the voice of a true writer..." ~ John Geddes
"...if you're an actor, and you've thought your way into the part, then you're character portrayal will have authority..." ~ John Geddes
"...a writer without authority? Impossible. as Kenneth Burke says, creation implies authority in the sense of originator...." ~ John Geddes
"...bow to genius, but to the authority of that genius - not the display of talent..." ~ John Geddes
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