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"Do you know, that is the root of the whole trouble - has been one of the roots at any rate - is people hearing things and then imagining some more and magnifying it and multiplying it." ~ John Harvey Kellogg
"I am, I think the only surviving member of the original Battle Creek church. The church was disbanded, with the exception of thirteen members, in 1870." ~ John Harvey Kellogg
"There are any number of people who profess to be good Christian people who are willing to believe all kinds of things on suspicion. Now that is not the way the Bible directs for Christian people to do." ~ John Harvey Kellogg
"I don't want you to misunderstand me. You might get up and state what you believe to be Seventh-day Adventism, and I might not agree with everything you said." ~ John Harvey Kellogg
"Brother Jones is not my product, and I am not responsible for anything he writes or says." ~ John Harvey Kellogg
"I think I am the oldest member and have been in good standing longer than any other member of this church." ~ John Harvey Kellogg
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