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Johnny Galecki Quotes
Johnny Galecki Quotes
Johnny Galecki Quotes

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I thought that I'd seen beautyI thought I'd witnessed grace,I thought that I'd known love'Til I gazed upon your face.I thought I'd felt my heart beatI thought my knees were weak,I thought I'd heard a songbirdUntil I heard you speak.I thought the rose was fragrantI thought the sky was blue,I thought nature wonderful'Til I first laid eyes on you.I thought the sun was shiningI thought I'd seen it all,I thought that I was standingUntil you made me fall.I thought my eyes were openYet now I'm not so sure,I think that I may be in loveLike I've never loved before.I'll hold on to these feelingsAnd keep them safe within,Until the time they're neededAnd true love can begin..."
Author: Bethany Walkers

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