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"Sometimes we get way too fixated on how powerful sin is and how weak we are. We worry that if we relax for a second, we'll mess up royally and ruin everything. Ironically, our paranoia only serves to make us more conscious of our sinfulness." ~ Judah Smith
"That's how we often react when grace comes at us. It's awkward. God offers us something that's too good to be true—unearned, unmerited, total forgiveness—and we stand there, stiff and uncomfortable, waiting for the embrace to stop so we can get back to the business of earning our way into heaven. We need to embrace grace. We need to learn how to hug back." ~ Judah Smith
"Notorious sinners didn't kill Jesus. Religious people did." ~ Judah Smith
"Nowhere in the Bible, however, do we find God distinguishing between levels of sin. God doesn't share our rating system. To him, all sin is equally evil, and all sinners are equally lovable." ~ Judah Smith
"We need a bigger estimation of God and a smaller estimation of sin." ~ Judah Smith
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