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"we had allowed our eyes to meet only once- by accident as much as out of necessity- and not ten seconds had passed before the agony had become too great to bear and we had retreated into silence and coldness once more." ~ Kailin Gow
"Dreams, my mother always told me, represend part of our unconsciousness--the place where we store the true parts of our soul, away from the rest of the world." From Breena quoting her mother in Bitter Frost" ~ Kailin Gow
"i know he was not angry with me- he could not be angry with me- and yet his silence felt like anger to me, as cold and raging as fury." ~ Kailin Gow
"i shall see you soon, my love. Be strong, and do not hate me for being so cold. they must not see that i love you or it would mean sure death to both of us" ~ Kailin Gow
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