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"immediately i felt my body crumbling, shaking so fast that the very atoms of my being seemed to dissolve, and then i was dissolving too, my emotions shattering me, unitl there was nothing left of me but silver dust- and a final longing stare of awe,of passion, of love." ~ Kailin Gow
"If he was like any of his music, he would be complex, explosive, sweet, sensual, and passionate." ~ Kailin Gow
"all my love, my pain, my passion were to be sacrificed for something greater, and yet i could not convince myself that i had mad the right choice." ~ Kailin Gow
"You gotta follow your passion in life" ~ Kailin Gow
"The passion I feel for you is more than you're prepared for. - Eric" ~ Kailin Gow
"That in itself made her a little intriguing and enticing. A woman who doesn't know her own potential for passion" ~ Kailin Gow
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