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"She was tremendously fond of Ralph. Not hounded by love the way some women were. With Crighton she had been teased endlessly by the idea of it, but with Ralph it was more straightforward. Again not love, more like the feelings you would have for a favorite dog (and, no, she would never have said such a thing to him. Some people, a lot of people, didn't understand how attached one could be to a dog.)" ~ Kate Atkinson
"Ah, I know," Bridget said. "For sure, you have the sixth sense." Mrs. Glover, wrestling with the plum pudding, snorted her disapproval. She was of the opinion that five senses were too many, let alone adding on another." ~ Kate Atkinson
"Sometimes,' Sylvie said, 'one can mistake gratitude for love." ~ Kate Atkinson
"She doesn't believe in dogs," Bridget said. "Dogs are hardly an article of faith," Sylvie said." ~ Kate Atkinson
"It's been said that the men in my books have been absent, or weak, or creepy." ~ Kate Atkinson
"Because I've a track record of talking about books I never write, in Australia they think I'm about to write a book about Jane Austen. Something I said at some festival." ~ Kate Atkinson
"Everyone said, 'Well, you're very old for a first novel,' and I said, 'How do you write when you haven't lived? How do you write when you have no experience? How do you write straight out of university?'" ~ Kate Atkinson
"We cannot turn away," Miss Woolf told her, "we must get on with our job and we must bear witness." What did that mean, Ursula wondered. "It means," Miss Woolf said, "that we must remember these people when we are safely in the future.""And if we are killed?""Then others must remember us." ~ Kate Atkinson
"It wasn't fair, he thought peevishly. "Who said life was fair?" his father had said to him a hundred times. He had said the same himself to his own daughter. ("It's not fair, Daddy.") Parents were miserable buggers. It SHOULD be fair. It should be paradise." ~ Kate Atkinson
"Stella was one of Mr Bullock's ‘chorus girls' and confessed (readily) to being a ‘striptease artiste' but Mr Armitage the opera singer said, "We're all artistes here, darling.""What a bloody fairy that man is," Mr Bullock muttered, "put him in the army, that would sort him out." "I doubt it," Miss Woolf said. (And it did rather beg the question why the strapping Mr Bullock himself had not been called up for active service.) "So," Mr Bullock concluded, "we've got a Yid, a pansy and a tart, sounds like a dirty music-hall joke.""It is intolerance that has brought us to this pass, Mr Bullock," Miss Woolf reproved him midly." ~ Kate Atkinson
"Sweet sixteen," Hugh said, kissing her affectionately. "Happy birthday, little bear. Your future's all ahead of you." Ursula still harbored the feeling that some of her future was also behind her but she had learned not to voice such things." ~ Kate Atkinson
"Dr. Kellet himself wore a three-piece Harris tweed suit strung with a large gold fob watch. He smelled of cloves and pipe tobacco and had a twinkly look about him as if he were going to toast muffins or read a particularly good story to her, but instead he beamed at Ursula and said, "So, I hear you tried to kill your maid?" (Oh, that's why I'm here, Ursula thought.)" ~ Kate Atkinson
"Fox Corner - that's what we should call the house. No one else has a house with that name and shouldn't that be the point?''Really?' Hugh said doubtfully. 'It's a little whimsical, isn't it? It sounds like a children's story. The House at Fox Corner.''A little whimsy never hurt anyone.''Strictly speaking, though,' Hugh said, 'can a house be a corner? Isn't it at one?'So this is marriage, Sylvie thought." ~ Kate Atkinson
"She supposed she was a little cog in the big wheel of Empire. "Nothing wrong with being a cog," Maurice said, himself now a big wheel in the Home Office. "The world needs cogs." ~ Kate Atkinson
"I dreamt of going on the stage once," he said, looking crestfallen. "It's never too late," I said vaguely. A lie, of course, as often, unfortunately, it is much too late." ~ Kate Atkinson
"Fine,' she said, using the universal Scottish word for every state of being from ‘I'm dying in anguish' to ‘I'm experiencing euphoric joy.' ‘Fine,' she said. ‘I'm fine." ~ Kate Atkinson
"How calm the house was. How deceptive that could be. One could lose everything in the blink of an eye, the slip of a foot. "One must avoid dark thoughts at all costs," she said to Ursula." ~ Kate Atkinson
"A simple acceptance of what comes to us, regarding it as neither bad nor good."Werde, der du bist, as he would have it," Dr Kellet continued ... "It means become who you are," he said." ~ Kate Atkinson
"Because life is an adventure, of course.""I would say it was more of an endurance race," Sylvie said. "Or an obstacle course." ~ Kate Atkinson
"What did science ever do for the world, apart from make better ways of killing people?" Sylvie said." ~ Kate Atkinson
"Scars heal," Sylvie said. "Even the worst ones." ~ Kate Atkinson
"You said five little words to someone--How can I help you?--and it was as if you'd mortgaged your soul out to them." ~ Kate Atkinson
"I'm not myself," she said and then laughed maniacally, "but God knows who I am." ~ Kate Atkinson
"On the outside of the bedroom door there was a plaque that said Valerie. On the way up, Jackson noticed that other bedrooms also had names - Eleanor, Lucy, Anna, Charlotte.Jackson wondered how you decided on a name for a room. Or a doll. Or a child, for that matter. The naming of dogs seemed even more perplexing." ~ Kate Atkinson
"They said love made you strong, but in Louise's opinion it made you weak. It corkscrewed into your heart and you couldn't get it out again, not without ripping your heart to pieces." ~ Kate Atkinson
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