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"You must never believe everything they say about a person. Generally speaking, most of it will be lies, half-truths at best." ~ Kate Atkinson
"The mountain panorama was the backdrop to every photo taken here, the backdrop to everything. At first Ursula had thought it beautiful, now she was beginning to find its magnificence oppressive. The great icy crags and the rushing waterfalls, the endless pine trees--nature and myth fused to form the Germanic sublimated soul. German Romanticism, it seemed to Ursula, was write large and mystical, the English Lakes seemed tame by comparison. And the English soul, if it resided anywhere, was surely in some unheroic back garden--a patch of lawn, a bed of roses, a row of runner beans." ~ Kate Atkinson
"And who thought it was a good idea to rent bicycles to Italian adolescent language students? If hell did exist, which Jackson was sure it did, it would be governed by a committee of fifteen-year-old Italian boys on bikes." ~ Kate Atkinson
"Oh, God. What was happening to her, she was turning into a normal person." ~ Kate Atkinson
"Fiction had never been Jackson's thing. Facts seemed challenging enough without making stuff up. What he discovered was that the great novels of the world were about three things - death, money and sex. Occasionally a whale." ~ Kate Atkinson
"Julia's vocabulary was "chock-full" of strangely archaic words - "spiffing," "crumbs," "jeepers" - that seemed to have originated in some prewar girls' annual rather than in Julia's own life. For Jackson, words were functional, they helped you get to places and explain things. For Julia, they were freighted with inexplicable emotion." ~ Kate Atkinson
"Because I write fiction, I don't write autobiography, and to me they are very different things. The first-person narrative is a very intimate thing, but you are not addressing other people as 'I' - you are inhabiting that 'I.'" ~ Kate Atkinson
"After Marlee was born they rented videos and fell asleep in front of them. Now, like so much else in Jackson's world, videos were obsolete." ~ Kate Atkinson
"This Jackson bloke was the ruddy Scarlet Pimpernel, here, there and everywhere, always one step ahead of Barry. And everywhere he went, women were disappearing." ~ Kate Atkinson
"On the outside of the bedroom door there was a plaque that said Valerie. On the way up, Jackson noticed that other bedrooms also had names - Eleanor, Lucy, Anna, Charlotte.Jackson wondered how you decided on a name for a room. Or a doll. Or a child, for that matter. The naming of dogs seemed even more perplexing." ~ Kate Atkinson
"The reason she had taken the long way round was on the unlikely chance that she might engineer an "accidental" meeting with Benjamin Cole." ~ Kate Atkinson
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-¿Cómo no se estremece? -Porque no tengo frío. -¿Cómo no palidece? -Porque no estoy mal.-¿Cómo no quería consultar mi ciencia? -Porque no soy una necia.La vieja emitió una carcajada cavernosa. Luego sacó una corta pipa y empezó a fumar. Después de haberse entregado a este placer, irguió su encorvado cuerpo, se quitó la pipa de los labios y, mirando fijamente el fuego, dijo subrayando las palabras:-Usted tiene frío, usted está enferma y usted es una necia.-Pruébemelo -dije.-Lo haré en pocas palabras. Tiene usted frío porque está muy sola; está mal, porque le falta el mejor de los sentimientos, el mayor y más dulce que puede experimentar el hombre, y es usted necia porque, sufriendo como sufre, no da una muestra ni inicia un paso para reunirse con el que la espera."
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