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"You can step in the same river but the water will always be new." ~ Kate Atkinson
"Louise was an urbanite, she preferred the gut-thrilling sound of an emergency siren slicing through the night to the noise of country birds at dawn. Pub brawls, rackety roadworks, mugged tourists, the badlands on a Saturday night - they all made sense, they were all part of the huge, dirty, torn social fabric. There was a war raging out there in the city and she was part of the fight, but the countryside unsettled her because she didn't know who the enemy was. She had always preferred North and South to Wuthering Heights. All that demented running around the moors, identifying yourself with the scenery, not a good role model for a woman." ~ Kate Atkinson
"Do you keep time in the same place that you save it? If so why is it always so difficult to find? It must be in a very safe place." ~ Kate Atkinson
"I'm always so glad," Sylvie murmured, "that I don't have to take a turn at being other people." ~ Kate Atkinson
"What did science ever do for the world, apart from make better ways of killing people?" Sylvie said." ~ Kate Atkinson
"This Jackson bloke was the ruddy Scarlet Pimpernel, here, there and everywhere, always one step ahead of Barry. And everywhere he went, women were disappearing." ~ Kate Atkinson
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