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"She snores, she talks too god damn much, and she tries to cuddle." John visibly shivers at that, so I nod and continue to state my grievances. "She's always in my room, even when I've told her to stay the fuck out on multiple occasions. If she's not in my room, she's dogging my every step, or in my freaking face and asking so many fucking questions. ‘Do we have enough food, Jared? What about ammo? Are you sure it's safe? What will happen if the monsters got in?' I just want to go to fucking sleep, and she wants pillow talk after some subpar post coition." ~ Katelin LaMontagne
"Time is precious and should be spent doing things that make you happy, not brushing those very moments aside. That's when you really die, and I plan on living." ~ Katelin LaMontagne
"By the time Sarah's in her forties and pops out a litter of brats for me to spoil, I'll be entirely convinced that a stork left them on her doorstep. I'll pretend the burgeoning stomach is nothing more than a new fashion statement where you shove a pillow underneath your shirt. And if the kids just so happen to look like their bastard of a father, I'll chuckle and say, ‘What are the odds that huge ass bird just so happened to have a matching set of tiny tykes to drop off that look just like you, so-and-so.' Then I'll ignore Sarah and her husband's confused looks, and go about my ignorant existence with a goofy grin plastered on my crazed face." ~ Katelin LaMontagne
"John glares at me. "You could have at least ditched the monster in the subway, that way, she could have found her way home along with her fellow sewer rats.""I tried," I insist and hold up four fingers. "Four times, but she was a stage five clinger, and it didn't help when you kept calling her your ‘sexy baby." ~ Katelin LaMontagne
"Who the fuck calls their priest when their son is having a crisis?""I do, now shut up!" Ma answered." ~ Katelin LaMontagne
"We could be miserable together," I propose. "John always calls me a sulky bastard, but I think he's the one that doesn't got it right. Life is shit, and then you die." ~ Katelin LaMontagne
"Sorry, I didn't know that you had a vagina, I'll refrain from using vulgar words for now on. How about it smells like pee pee and poo poo, with a little bit of spew, is that better?""You're a real character, you know that?""Thanks, I try," she says. "Now, let's get the shi-stuff and get out of here.""Fine," I say. "But for future reference, I like it better when you curse. It's pretty funny to see a pissed off Tinkerbell." I run from the baseball mitt being hurled at my head, laughing all the way ." ~ Katelin LaMontagne
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