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"I work hard and I have a standard of excellence - and I expect everyone at the Interior Department to meet that same standard. I delegate a lot. I might appear to be doing a lot of different things, but there's a strong team helping me. I believe we're going to have the strongest team of any agency in the Obama administration." ~ Ken Salazar
"On the Native American front, we have turned a new page in the 400-year history of the interface between the American settlers of this country and the nation's first Americans. That's included a new relationship where the sovereignty of tribes is in fact recognized." ~ Ken Salazar
"My family has spent 400 years farming on the banks of the Rio Grande. We know the value of hard work, love of the community, love for water and land." ~ Ken Salazar
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La persona onesta non sa che cosa sia la felicità, perché mentre dorme non si ripete, mentre dorme non sanguina, mentre dorme non lavora, mentre dorme non occupa la ragione, e la ragione è come una vecchia tana entro cui i poeti vanno a dormire."
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