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"I wish the Peace Corps and its volunteers continued success and perseverance. We are grateful for their contributions to society and dedication to providing assistance where it is needed. May the Peace Corps continue its legacy of service, both at home and abroad." ~ Kenny Marchant
"This country was founded on a core set of family values. These values should not be discouraged and blatantly undermined by the airing of offensive material on broadcast television and radio." ~ Kenny Marchant
"We are fortunate to live an area that is blessed with outstanding schools and educators. We are proud of the quality of education that they provide to local students." ~ Kenny Marchant
"Last year I traveled to the Middle East to visit with troops in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan." ~ Kenny Marchant
"In today's global economy, however, it is important to raise the bar of excellence even higher. Today's students must be prepared to compete effectively on an international level." ~ Kenny Marchant
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