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"How could everything go so wrong so fast? For goodness' sake, she was only looking for a few plants. But instead, she'd found a whole village of mind-controlled slaves and a whole army of acrobatic kung fu vampires." ~ Kerrelyn Sparks
"Ye know, Cork Courrant-Porky Implant. Tis a jest" Ian" ~ Kerrelyn Sparks
"This is not a good time, Miss Implant." Roman felt Jean-Luc jabbing him in the back with his walking stick. "Uh, Porky. No, I mean--" Damn, what the hell was her name?" ~ Kerrelyn Sparks
"Well, make up your mind. I don't have all night." Fidelia set her beer on the porch and removed a set of keys from her skirt pocket. She fumbled with the key, trying to release the trigger lock on her pistol."Don't do that," Heather warned her. "You've had too much to drink."Fidelia snorted. "I'm not drunk. I'm in complete control." She tore off the trigger lock.Bang! The gun fired, ripping into a nearby oak tree.The women screamed. Jean-Luc winced.A squirrel plummeted from the tree and landed in the yard with a thud.Fidelia shrugged. "I meant to do that. Damned rodent's been gnawing on the house. And stealing all the nuts from our pecan tree."Heather planted her hands on her hips. "Haven't I told you a million times to keep the locks on?"Fidelia hung her head, looking properly remorseful. "I'll be more careful." She switched on the safety, then shot Jean-Luc a pointed look. "I know how to deal with a scumbag with nuts." ~ Kerrelyn Sparks
"Shanna planted her hands on her hips."Getting drunk is not going to solve your problems." "Aye, but t'will make me no' give a damn."(Robby)" ~ Kerrelyn Sparks
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