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"At the sight and realisation that I was sleeping next to a naked Liam Nightingale, I'm not embarrassed to admit, I think I had a mini-orgasm" ~ Kristen Ashley
"I color your world."I blinked and my heart stopped.How did he....?Oh crap! I told him!Drunk, in the middle of great sex, I told him!Ohmigod!"I was right. You were asleep but you were dreamin'. You dream in black and white, babe. I gave you color. Now, you're awake.""Tack --""You admitted it.""Tack, please --""You were drunk, wet, hot and way the fuck turned on but you still admitted it."I did and the way he was looking at me, his blue eyes drilling into mine, I couldn't deny it.And also, it was true.Damn." ~ Kristen Ashley
"Seventeen years, no longer...I've been waiting for you, for those girls. You're here, I'm letting go of my shit, finally, fucking moving on from all of that, moving on to something good in my life, something to wake up and get outta bed for. I'm not leaving it cause of some hang up you have. You and me, I haven't made it easy, I'll admit that, but that's done. You gotta get over it or you're never gonna move on." ~ Kristen Ashley
"Tabby, love you, honey but you're kinda freakin' me out," Shy admitted."I don't know what to do," I confessed."About what?""Being this happy."Then he said, his voice rough, "Start now.""Pardon?" I asked."Start now," he repeated."Shy – ""Start now, Tabitha. Start gettin' used to it." ~ Kristen Ashley
"So, he made this report to me. Now, make no mistake, Ty, I take my work seriously but I gotta admit, he gave this report, I lost my pen. Swear to God, don't know where I put that fucker." ~ Kristen Ashley
""Your king did not break through with me until his touch stopped taking and started giving and until, in our cham, he treated me with kindness. He is the mightiest of Suh Tunak, recognized the battle he had on his hands, analyzed it, created his strategy and then he went about winning that battle using any means necessary. And, Zahnin," I edged closer and for the sake of this man who pledged to guard me even if it meant giving his life, who backed me against Dortak and who clearly wanted his wife to settle in her new life with him in his cham, I admitted to him at the same time I admitted to myself, "My Lahn won that battle. I now lay awake at night waiting for him to return. When he does not, I fall asleep looking forward to the morning when he will wake me with his hands. He is my King, He is my Warrior, He is my Husband and I am proud to say above all...He is MINE." " ~ Kristen Ashley
"Okay, there were a lot of uncomfortable conversations a person had to have in their life. When they broke up with someone, for one. When they fucked up and had to admit they were wrong, for another. But talking to a dude who had his balls cut off about his balls being cut off beat them all." ~ Kristen Ashley
"You grew up on a farm but you became a woman that doesn't belong here and right now, it fuckin' kills me to admit it, I gotta focus on Jonas and I can't afford to get you the goddamned binds you want....You think I don't lose sleep wonderin' what you gave up and wonderin' when you'll want it back and knowin' I can't give it to you?" ~ Kristen Ashley
"Gotta admit, I wasn't committed to the task," Ryker confessed. "But for a bitch in a tight tee with a great rack who makes twelve layer cakes and likes drunk sex, I'll step it up," he offered." ~ Kristen Ashley
"I have to admit I'm not real sure you being equipped to scrape her off at the drop of a hat fills me with joy." "I get that, Tab. What you don't get is, she isn't you." ~ Kristen Ashley
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