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"I swallowed the fear. It's always there– fear– and if you don't stay on top of it, you'll drown. I swallowed again and stood tall, shoulders broad, arms loose. I was balanced, ready to move. My body said, "Yeah, you're bigger and stronger, but if you touch this, I will hurt you." ~ Laurie Halse Anderson
"Can't escape pain, kiddo. Battle through it and you get stronger." ~ Laurie Halse Anderson
"The dead do walk and haunt and crawl into your bed at night. Ghosts sneak into your head when you're not looking. Stars line up and volcanoes birth out bits of glass that foretell the future. Poison berries make girls stronger, but sometimes kill them. If you howl at the moon and swear on your blood, anything you desire will be yours. Be careful what you wish for. There's always a catch." ~ Laurie Halse Anderson
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