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"You can't kill history. You can't shoot it with a bullet and watch it recede into whatever lies outside of memory. History is tougher than that—if it's going to die, it has to die on its own" ~ Leif Enger
"SOON, he replied, which makes better sense under the rules of that country than ours. VERY SOON! he added, clasping my hands; then, unable to keep from laughing, he pushed off from the rock like a boy going for the first cold swim of spring; and the current got him. The stream was singing aloud, and I heard him singing with it until he dropped away over the edge." ~ Leif Enger
"Good advice is a wise man's friend, of course; but sometimes it just flies on past, and all you can do is wave." ~ Leif Enger
"Before reaching Grassy Butte, though, Dad spied a farmhouse with two pumps in the drive and a red-and-white sign out front saying DALE'S OIL COMPANY. Another sign said CLOSED, but a light was on in the house and Dad pulled in, saying, "I believe we might prevail on Dale. What do you think?""Prevail on Dale," I repeated to Swede."To make a sale," she added."And if we fail, we'll whale on Dale--""Till he needs braille!""Will you guys desist?" Dad asked." ~ Leif Enger
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En aquella ciudad, donde a menudo lo ilegal es convención social y forma de vida --es herencia de familia, dice un corrido famoso, trabajar contra la ley--, Teresa Mendoza fue durante algún tiempo una de esas jóvenes, hasta que cierta ranchera Bronco negra se detuvo a su lado, y Raimundo Dávila Parra bajó el cristal tintado de la ventanilla y se la quedo mirando desde el asiento del conductor. (p. 26 en LA REINA DEL SUR)"
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