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"Feeling Robyn grow still, Shay's heart stopped for a microsecond. Dread cut through her like ice. She looked at the female and noticed her staring at Shay's upper thigh. She swallowed hard, afraid of what the woman might be thinking of her now, of the symbol tattooed into her skin.Just under the denim, but poking out enough, was the brand she'd worn her whole life. The dark moon rising out of the clouds. The mark of the Onyx Pack" ~ Lia Davis
"Man, she was a mess when it came to Markus. She was also in jeopardy of losing her heart to the man, or having it broken into a billion pieces." ~ Lia Davis
"It'd been way too long since she had been kissed like this. Never in her two hundred twenty-three years of life did she remember a kiss being this good." ~ Lia Davis
"You don't scare me. You're dominance does. I'm not sure how to react around you, to your leopard. If I'm to touch you, to comfort you. Especially since you're my mate." ~ Lia Davis
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