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"Maybe there was a magic stronger than spells. Maybe the soulmate principle was responsible, and if two people were meant to be together, nothing could keep them apart." ~ L.J. Smith
"Then the triumph was swept away by something much stronger and deeper. Something fierce and joyous-and pure. They were clinging together, he was holding her as hard as she was holding him.Electricity seemed to arc between them. Everywhere they touched Kaitlyn could feel the sparks. His hand tangled in her hair, and she was frighteningly moved by the tiny tugs, the little pain it caused as his fingers worked. His lips brushed against hers again and again." ~ L.J. Smith
"The magnetic pull only got stronger. She wanted to be held. She wanted him to hold her." ~ L.J. Smith
"Maybe it just means that love can be stronger than fear." ~ L.J. Smith
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