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L.R. Knost Quotes
L.R. Knost Quotes
L.R. Knost Quotes

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Exactly," Lightsong said, "I've actually considered expanding the theory. I am now proposing to believe that God-or the universe, or time, or whatever you think controls all of this-is all really just a drunk monkey."She leaned over, squeezing her arms together, seriously threatening to pop her bosom out the front of her dress. "And, you think my title was chosen by happenstance? Goddess of honesty and imterpersonal relations. Seems to fit, wouldn't you say?"He hesitated. Then he smiled. "My dear, did you just try to prove the existence of God with your cleavage?"She smiled. "You'd be surprised what a good wriggle of the chest can accomplish.""Hum, I'd never considered the theological power of your breasts, my dear. If there were a Church devoted to them, perhaps you'd make a theist out of me after all."
Author: Brandon Sanderson

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