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"I believe one should never invalidate another, even if you don't agree. No one is ever 100% right or 100% wrong. There is always some measure of truth on both sides." - L. R. W. Lee" ~ L.R.W. Lee
"Wasting another's time is serious business for they will never get that time back. Ever." ~ L.R.W. Lee
"I've found that replacing one thing for another only means you don't yet know where the glitches are." ~ L.R.W. Lee
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It's about waking up. A child wakes up over and over again, and notices that she's living. She dreams along, loving the exuberant lifeof the senses, in love with beauty and power, oblivious to herself -- and then suddenly, bingo, she wakes up and feels herself alive. She notices her own awareness. And she notices that she is set down here, mysteriously, in a going world."
Author: Annie Dillard

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