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"I believe one should never invalidate another, even if you don't agree. No one is ever 100% right or 100% wrong. There is always some measure of truth on both sides." - L. R. W. Lee" ~ L.R.W. Lee
"But Dad! It really did happen! I was transported to a Laboratory in an old stone castle and there was a wizard in blue robes with a floppy hat and..." ~ L.R.W. Lee
"This is not about you," reminded the inneru.I know… thought Andy. It's about all the people in the Land of Oomaldee. It is about the King, Mermin, Alden, Marta, Hans and everyone I've come to love here."You don't usually think about others first," replied his inneru.Maybe this is my chance to change that." ~ L.R.W. Lee
"Rules are there so people don't have to think. Don't follow the rules!!!" ~ L.R.W. Lee
"Why demand ye of me where the land of Oomaldee lies? Did they do the same of C.S. Lewis and his Narnia?" ~ L.R.W. Lee
"Where's your trident? I've only seen mermen with a trident that looks like a pitchfork," asked Alden."New technology. I upgraded last year to a disc implanted under the skin in my right hand. I don't miss having to carry that clumsy thing. Kept dropping it." ~ L.R.W. Lee
"Life for dreamers may not be easy, but it beats drifting. You never know where you'll end up drifting, maybe someplace good, maybe not." - L. R. W. Lee" ~ L.R.W. Lee
"I've found that replacing one thing for another only means you don't yet know where the glitches are." ~ L.R.W. Lee
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