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"You make time for what is important to you." - Glaucin" ~ L.R.W. Lee
"Why do you care for them?"I think it's because I feel loved. I feel like they understand me." - Andy Smithson" ~ L.R.W. Lee
"Patience is the deep acceptance that things should be exactly as they are. Most times that's easier said than done." - L. R. W. Lee" ~ L.R.W. Lee
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What? It's ridiculous. Control your emotions. Can you imagine if criminals went around saying they fell into hatred or jealousy and that's why they killed four people or robbed the bank? We act like love is this uncontrollable thing. But when it comes to anger and all of that ugly stuff, we're expected to control it. We're supposed to handle those emotions without hurting anyone. But throw out the word ‘love' and everyone thinks all of the rules should go right out the window and who can help it if someone gets hurt? It's absurd and it's degrading, honestly, that we expect people to control themselves except for when it comes to wanting to sleep with someone."
Author: Audrey Bell

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