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"Why do you care for them?"I think it's because I feel loved. I feel like they understand me." - Andy Smithson" ~ L.R.W. Lee
"Love the overuse of exclamation points!!!! Yes!!! They add a lot of emphasis!!! to what your character is saying!!!" ~ L.R.W. Lee
"Take courage. You do not yet see your own abilities because you have never been tested. You have never demonstrated to yourself or anyone all that you can do. Put your fears aside and trust that you can succeed in the challenges that lie ahead." - King Hercalon IV, Former King of Oomaldee" ~ L.R.W. Lee
"Motivation fades because it's emotion driven. Mobilization doesn't fade because it's ambition driven. Connect with your passion!" - L. R. W. Lee" ~ L.R.W. Lee
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It was a marriage of two minds, of two ... spirits tilting as gently and inescapably toward the future as paper whites tilt toward the sun."
Author: Amor Towles

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