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"Film can be exciting, but more often, it's tedious." ~ Mara Wilson
"I think I might like to try film again just as an experiment, but I know that I could never do the mainstream thing again." ~ Mara Wilson
"'Matilda' was my favorite movie to film and my favorite to watch, as well." ~ Mara Wilson
"My mother died when I was young, and I was filming all the time. I was all over the place. Acting was the one constant." ~ Mara Wilson
"The best times I had on film sets were the times the director let me express myself, but those were rare." ~ Mara Wilson
"Here is something no real celebrity will ever tell you: film acting is not very fun. Doing the same thing over and over again until, in the director's eyes, you 'get it right' does not allow for very much creative freedom... In terms of sheer adrenaline, film has absolutely nothing on theater." ~ Mara Wilson
"I think if I could do it over again - as much as I loved meeting the people I did on the films after 'Matilda' - I wish that I had stopped after 'Matilda.' I wish that I had just focused on my own life for a while." ~ Mara Wilson
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