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"Oh, Irrylath,Irrylath, we squaundered our two years together." ~ Meredith Ann Pierce
"I shall never love any as I love thee, Moonbrow!" she cried.He nuzzled her, very gently. "Nor I you, Ryhenna," he said. "Tek is my mate. I love her. You are my shoulder-friend, and I love you. I love you both, but differently. And when in a year or two years' time, you dance court within this glade, it will be with one whom you love in a way entirely other than the way that you love me. I am your companion, your friend, Ryhenna, just as you are always and ever mine. Stand fast with me," he said, "and no foe shall ever part us." ~ Meredith Ann Pierce
"Two years were all we had, love," she whispered, "and we squandered them." ~ Meredith Ann Pierce
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