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"It's raining questions around here. A person could drown in them." ~ Miriam Toews
"Course they wouldn't have all the details, like whether or not they played in squares of sunlight on their walls, if they wore spiders on their hats, if they ate hamburger every other day, if they had ever made love in a yellow canola field tenderly or passionately or awkwardly. If they preferred dresses or pants, if they shaved their legs or didn't, or if they preferred red peppers to green. Stuff was happening. Even in Half-a-Life. Little things, but it all added up to something big. To our lives. It was happening all along. These were our lives. This was it. My mom was hanging on to the lives, the recorded lives, of these women. We might escape, but what if we didn't? What if we lived in Half-a-Life all our lives, poor, lonely, proud, happy? If we did, we did. These were our lives. If we couldn't escape them, we'd have to live them." ~ Miriam Toews
"Later that evening I lay down in Min's empty bed upstairs and pulled her white sheet up over my head. I felt for my kneecaps and hip bones. I lay perfectly still, arms down, palms up. I closed my eyes and pretended I was floating in space, then at sea, then not floating at all.I hummed an old Beach Boys tune. In my room... Min had taught me how to play it on her guitar when we were kids." ~ Miriam Toews
"He's in love with the notion of shame and he traffics the shit like a schoolground pusher, spreading it around but never personally using." ~ Miriam Toews
"My words aren't only words. They're pictures and tears and imperfect offerings of love and self-inflicted shots to my brain." ~ Miriam Toews
"Shoo the sparrow away and get on with supper. This is the first part of my new life strategy." ~ Miriam Toews
"..I followed her out the door and watched her walk down the road towards home, hers, and the bright yard light, and her own bed, and our parents, and I stood there for a long time because I didn't know where else to go.I stood there long enough to feel the chill of the night. The sky was a blanket of stars.Indifferent. I repeated the ancient song of Nezahualcoytl. I stood there long enough to hear my family singing. Why were they singing at two in the morning? I heard the hight, creaky voice of my mother and the off-key but persistent voices of my little brothers." ~ Miriam Toews

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«... sabes, yo tenía una familia, un trabajo, algo siempre estaba en el medio, pero ahora vendí mi casa, encontré este lugar, un estudio amplio, deberías ver el espacio y la luz. Por primera vez en mi vida voy a tener el lugar y el tiempo para crear.»No nene, si vas a crear vas a crear trabajando 16 horas por día en una mina de carbón, o vas a crear en una piecita con tres chicos mientras estás desocupado, vas a crear aunque te falte parte de tu mente y de tu cuerpo,vas a crear ciego, mutilado, loco, vas a crear con un gato trepando por tu espalda mientras la ciudad entera tiembla en terremotos, bombardeos, inundaciones y fuego. Nene, aire, luz, tiempo y espacio no tienen nada que ver con esto y no crean nada... excepto quizás una vida más larga para encontrar nuevas excusas."
Author: Charles Bukowski

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