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"I don't watch the news. I get really emotional about it, and I carry that stuff with me for a long time." ~ Missy Peregrym
"I really, really admire my parents so much, for how they raised me. They're some of the best human beings I know." ~ Missy Peregrym
"I tried to be really tough when I was younger. I felt I had to stand up for myself. I never felt like I fit in." ~ Missy Peregrym
"I wanted to go on the red carpet with a baseball cap, t-shirt, and jeans. And I still do. Because that's really who I am." ~ Missy Peregrym
"You won't ever see me being totally sexy on 'Rookie Blue.' It's not right for the character, anyway." ~ Missy Peregrym
"I've been treated really well for 'Stick It.' There was this cop and he pulled me over and he was like, 'Oh my God, you're in 'Stick It.'' I said, 'Yes. Yes. You're the last person I would think would be pumped up by this movie'. He let me go, so that was nice." ~ Missy Peregrym
"The people that matter to me the most are the people that are in my life. That's who I really learn from, and it's always a very personal kind of connection." ~ Missy Peregrym
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