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"There's a point to all the mistakes, the comebacks, the rethinking, the living--the living for all you're worth. There's a point to finding our own path. Please, give the people of Vision a chance to find theirs." ~ Miyuki Miyabe
"There was love here, the voice said again.But whose love? Ico wondered. He had assumed Ozuma had been talking about the queen and her daughter--but maybe...From the very first time he had seen her, Ico had wanted to save Yorda. There had been no thought, no reason--when he saw her in the cage, he knew he had to set her free." ~ Miyuki Miyabe
"Ico stared at Yorda's face. It was beautiful. He didn't dare breathe for fear of breaking the spell. Her eyes were sparkling."Thank you." ~ Miyuki Miyabe
"Filled with hope, Ico looked into Yorda's eyes. He felt like was looking into an hourglass, trying to pick through the grains of sand for some truth buried there long ago. He hadn't found anything yet, but the warmth of Yorda's hands in his told him that he was getting close." ~ Miyuki Miyabe
"But the boy was there, and he was looking at her. That was when Yorda understood what was drawing out her memories of the castle into the boy. It was him. He wanted to know its dark past. He wanted to know everything. No one could stop this. Not even the queen." ~ Miyuki Miyabe
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