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"Creation takes place through words, a series of 'And God Saids' bringing each new stage of life into being. Language is God's divine power made manifest in the world." ~ Myla Goldberg
"Rushing toward her are all the letters of the alphabet. Each one moves in its own way, X cartwheeling over and over, C hopping forward, M and N marching stiff-legged and resolute." ~ Myla Goldberg
"While she eventually adjusts to the faded motivational posters featuring long-dead baby animals and the fifties-era reading books whose soporific effects have intensified with each decade of use she can't get it out of of her head that while she is speeding around in circles waiting to be told when to stop other kids are flying to the moon." ~ Myla Goldberg
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At some point, time isn't something on the horizon anymore, something you think about happening one day, but something that's already happened, only there to replay in your mind."
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