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Natalie Merchant Quotes
Natalie Merchant Quotes
Natalie Merchant Quotes

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The great gain was that I very soon became able to understand a great deal without (even mentally) translating it; I was beginning to think in Greek. That is the great Rubicon to cross in learning any language. Those in whom the Greek word lives only while they are hunting for it in the lexicon, and who substitute the English word for it, are not reading the Greek at all; they are only solving a puzzle. The very formula, "Naus means ship is wrong. Naus and ship both mean a thing, they do not mean one another. Behind Naus, as behind navis or naca, we want to have a picture of a dark, slender mass with sail or oars, climbing the ridges, with no officious English word intruding."
Author: C.S. Lewis

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