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"We decided we didn't want to do a musical for TV because the idea of writing a musical that would be seen on television once seems insane." ~ Neil Tennant
"When I was I younger I didn't want to be gay. Not because I was scared of the sexual thing; I didn't want to be a clone. Now this was in the late '70s." ~ Neil Tennant
"A lot of what used to be known as gay culture - broadly speaking, homoeroticism and being camp - has been brought into mainstream culture. I think we should be moving to an era where it's just sex." ~ Neil Tennant
"We hope we are moving toward a world where sexual orientation is not an issue, because we hate the idea of a gay ghetto. I think that it's a real shame that people become restricted by their sexuality or define their whole lives by their sexuality." ~ Neil Tennant
"Because some people have sex with people of the same sex, an entire culture has been created, broadly speaking, out of oppression. Which in a rational world would not be an issue." ~ Neil Tennant
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... ja minä joka olisin halunnut kärsiä mitä hyvänsä tämän naisen vuoksi, pelkäsin että hän hyväksyisi minut liian nopeasti ja soisi minulle liian helposti rakkautensa, jonka olisin tahtonut lunastaa pitkällä odotuksella tai suurella uhrilla. (Armand Duval)"
Author: Alexandre Dumas Fils

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