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"When fear and suffering are disliked by me and others equally what is so special about me that I protect myself and not the other?" ~ Śāntideva
"May the blind see the forms,May the deaf hear sounds.May the naked find clothing,The hungry find food;May the thirsty find waterAnd delicious drinks.May the poor find wealth,Those weak with sorrow find joy;May the forlorn find new hope,Constant happiness and prosperity.May the frightened cease to be afraidAnd those bound be freed;May the powerless find power,And may the people think of benefiting one another" ~ Śāntideva
"Where would I find enough leatherTo cover the entire surface of the earth?But with leather soles beneath my feet,It's as if the whole world has been covered." ~ Śāntideva
"Unruly beings are as unlimited as spaceThey cannot possibly all be overcome,But if I overcome thoughts of anger aloneThis will be equivalent to vanquishing all foes.Where would I possibly find enough leatherWith which to cover the surface of the earth?But (wearing) leather just on the soles of my shoesIs equivalent to covering the earth with it.Likewise it is not possible for meTo restrain the external course of things;But should I restrain this mind of mineWhat would be the need to restrain all else?" ~ Śāntideva
"when one has searched for these as realities, who desires and what is desired?" ~ Śāntideva
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