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"I did photography, painting, and drawing, but I prefer sculpture. I like it because it's very physical." ~ P. J. Harvey
"I don't loathe interviews, I'm just one of those people who makes music because I find it difficult to talk." ~ P. J. Harvey
"I work on words quite separately to music. They're both ongoing, and I don't ever feel like I'm working in a cycle in that respect, because it's every day anyway, no matter what I'm doing. Then I get to a point when I've collected together enough words that seem like they want to be songs rather than poems, or sometimes not." ~ P. J. Harvey
"I come from an art-school background, and I still feel that in my music, it's about exploration and challenging myself, about putting myself in a place that's frightening because I haven't been there before." ~ P. J. Harvey
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