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"We never had any children," he said ruefully. "Our work was our children." ~ Patti Smith
"The goodwill that surrounded us was proof that the Fates were conspiring to help their enthusiastic children." ~ Patti Smith
"The child, mystified by the commonplace, moves effortlessly into the strange.." ~ Patti Smith
"In the period where I had to live the life of a citizen - a life where, like everybody else, I did tons of laundry and cleaned toilet bowls, changed hundreds of diapers and nursed children - I learned a lot." ~ Patti Smith
"I had a really happy childhood - my siblings were great, my mother was very fanciful, and I loved to read. But there was always financial strife." ~ Patti Smith
"For life is the best thing we have in this existence. And if we should desire to believe in something, it should be a beacon within. This beacon being the sun, sea, and sky, our children, our work, our companions and, most simply put, the embodiment of love." ~ Patti Smith
"There were days, rainy gray days, when the streets of Brooklyn were worthy of a photograph, every window the lens of a Leica, the view grainy and immoble. We gathered our colored pencils and sheets of paper and drew like wild, feral children into the night, until, exhausted, we fell into bed. We lay in each other's arms, still awkward but happy, exchanging breathless kisses into sleep." ~ Patti Smith
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