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" is the enemy of observation, a costly indulgence that induces such a good feeling that you notice nothing. Luxury spoils and infantilizes you and prevents you from knowing the world. That is its purpose, the reason why luxury cruises and great hotels are full of fatheads who, when they express an opinion, seem as though they are from another planet. It was also my experience that one of the worst aspects of travelling with wealthy people, apart from the fact that the rich never listen, is that they constantly groused about the high cost of living – indeed, the rich usually complained of being poor." ~ Paul Theroux
"Connection" is the triumphal cry these days. Connection has made people arrogant, impatient, hasty, and presumptuous. ...I don't doubt that instant communication has been good for business, even for the publishing business, but it has done nothing for literature, and might even have harmed it. In many ways connection has been disastrous. We have confused information (of which there is too much) with ideas (of which there are too few). I found out much more about the world and myself by being unconnected." ~ Paul Theroux
"I had cooperated. I could not have refused. I was smitten with her, half in love but also afraid, because in my life (and she seemed to know this) I had not loved anyone without having been wounded. Love was power and possession, love caused pain: you were never more exposed than when you were in love, never more wounded; possession was an enslavement, something stifling." ~ Paul Theroux
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Wo wären wir ohne das Morgen? Wir hätten stattdessen das Heute. Und wenn es so wäre, wenn ich mit dir das Heute hätte, dann würde ich hoffen, dass heute der längste Tag wäre. Ich würde ihn mit dir füllen und alles tun, was ich jemals geliebt habe. Ich würde lachen, ich würde reden, ich würde zuhören und lernen, und ich würde lieben, lieben, lieben. Ich würde aus jedem Tag ein Heute machen und jedes Heute mit dir verbringen, und niemals würde ich mir Sorgen um morgen machen, um den Tag, an dem ich nicht bei dir wäre. Und wenn dieses gefürchtete Morgen für uns kommt, dann sollst du wissen, dass ich dich nicht verlassen und auch nicht zurückgelassen werden wollte - und dass die Augenblicke mit dir die schönsten Augenblicke meines Lebens waren."
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