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"You're so young... Are you sure that's what you want your life to be, forever and ever? That job? That career? That girlfriend?" ~ Peter Cameron
"«È che non voglio andare all'università».«Ma perché?».«Perché penso che sia una perdita di tempo».«Una perdita di tempo! L'università?»«Sì» ho detto. «Almeno per me. Sono sicuro di poter imparare tutto quello che voglio leggendo i libri che mi interessano. Non vedo perché devo passare quattro anni - quattro anni molto costosi - a imparare un mucchio di cose di cui non mi importa niente e che quindi dimenticherò presto, solo per conformarmi a una norma sociale. E poi non sopporto l'idea di passare quattro anni a stretto contatto con gli studenti universitari. Tremo solo all'idea.»" ~ Peter Cameron
"And the boys were all clean, their faces freshly and brutally shaved, their hair painstakingly gelled into exquisite apparent carelessness, with this electric feeling inside of them, which matched the feelings in the girls, that they were all ascending, moving into a future that could only improve them, and I wondered what it was like - the miracle, the stupidity of feeling that." ~ Peter Cameron
"New York is strange in the summer. Life goes on as usual but it's not, it's like everyone is just pretending, as if everyone has been cast as the star in a movie about their life, so they're one step removed from it. And then in September it all gets normal again." ~ Peter Cameron
"It made me very sad, that question. Sad and defeated. Because I knew she knew why I was thinking about that woman—I was thinking about my own tendencies toward aloneness and I thought I could end up like that woman, with a bird perhaps, or a dog—probably a dog, I know birds are supposed to make good pets but I think there's something creepy about them—but alone with a life that didn't touch or overlap with anyone else's, a sort of hermetically sealed life." ~ Peter Cameron
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