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Pico Iyer Quotes
Pico Iyer Quotes

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Right." He slowly stood up. "This is new territory for you. Stupid sequestering, the Keepers better not have turned you into a nun or something."I snatched a book off my nightstand and threw it at him. "Get out of my room!"He caught the book in midair and laid it on the bed. "Easy, Lily. That was a bad joke. I didn't mean any offense."I shook with humiliation. "You don't know what it's been like.""I know, and I'm sorry." He came to my side and cupped my face. "I'm sure it hasn't been fun. You deserve better."I nodded. He lowered his head, softly brushing his lips over mine. "I'll show you how much fun it can be. You need to trust me."
Author: Andrea Cremer

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