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"I'm not anything special. A lot of people can do what I do – the only difference is that, I'd always had this mapped out before I got started." ~ POB Bismark
"The notion by most women that every man that comes into their lives want something from them is overrated; some come to fulfill and restore." ~ POB Bismark
"Having a heart and accomplishing things." ~ POB Bismark
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It was all he could do. To make her see what she was doing, what she was ending, and to punish her if she did so. Nobody would blame him. There might be finagling, there might be bargaining, there would certainly be humbling of herself, but there it was, like a round cold stone in her gullet, like a cannonball. And it would remain there unless she changed her mind entirely. The children stay,"
Author: Alice Munro

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