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"Once in a lifetime someone breaks your heart, and if you still feel the need to hold that person with every broken piece, that amazing pain is called true love." ~ POB Bismark
"I am a dreamer with a silent ambition." ~ POB Bismark
"You can make enemies with your ego." ~ POB Bismark
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I think I am beginning to understand why grief feels like suspense. It comes from the frustration of so many impulses that had become habitual. Thought after thought feeling after feeling action after action had H. for their object. Now their target is gone. I keep on through habit fitting an harrow to the string then I remember and have to lay the bow down. So many roads lead through to H. I set out on one of them. But now there's an impassable frontier-post across it. So many roads once now so many culs de sac."
Author: C.S. Lewis

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