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Prisila Villafan Quotes
Prisila Villafan Quotes
Prisila Villafan Quotes

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Back when I was five, I thought my mom was being mean to me, so I decided to run away. Carried my slingshot with me because I was a big strong man, you see. Could take care of myself. I believe I also took a flashlight and a package of Oreos."Despite my embarrassement, I couldn't help smiling. "I think you packed better than I did."I swaggered out of the house where we were staying and took myself all the way to...the far corner of the backyard. There I made my stand. Stayed out there all day, until it started to reain. I hadn't thought about taking an umbrella."The best laid plans." I sighed.I know. It's tragic. I cam back in, all wet and my stomach aching from eating about twenty Oreo, and my mom--who is a smart lady even is she drives me nuts--well, she acted like nothing happened." Lucas shrugged."
Author: Claudia Gray

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