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1. "Ingat, hanya Arjuna kecil yang dapat mengalahkan Nirwatakawaca yg raksasa, hanya di Daud kecil yg bisa mengalahkan Goliath. Toh Don Quichote tidak berhasil menumbangkan sebuah kincir angin meskipun memakai baju besi dan pedang jenawi. Lalu, camkanlah I have not begun to fight yet" (117)"
Author: Ahmad Tohari
2. "Until the day when God will deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is contained in these two words,—'Wait and hope.'" Chapter 117"
Author: Alexandre Dumas
3. "He visto el final, y lo he oído nombrar. La Noche de las Penas, la Verdadera Desolación. La Tormenta Eterna."Recogido el 1 de Nanes, año 1172, 15 segundos antes de la muerte. El sujeto era un joven ojos oscuros de origen desconocido."
Author: Brandon Sanderson
4. "The whole of the Targum deserves study as shewing how textual ambiguity or corruption may combine with doctrinal prepossession to modify tradition;Chapter II, Section 2, Paragraph 1171"
Author: Edwin A. Abbott
5. "During the persecutions under the Emperor Domitian, John was summoned to Rome, where he was tortured by immersion in a pot of boiling oil and subsequently banished to the island of Patmos in the Aegean sea. It was there he wrote his Apocalypse. It was only after the death of Domitian, in A.D. 96, that he returned to Ephesus, where he was still living during the reign of the Emperor Trajan (A.D. 98-117). He became so old and frail that he could no longer walk and had to be carried to meetings and services. All he could manage to say was, "My little children, love one another." He repeated this over and over."
Author: Gilles Quispel
6. "I can make love for hours, give or take 117 minutes."
Author: Jarod Kintz
7. "I had been brought up to be something of an intellectual, but there seemed at the time no connection between my newly formed ideas and the world to which I had returned. Indeed, I did not even recognize my ideas as ideas at all: they seemed to be culled from somewhere else and did not belong to me. I did not know then what I am just beginning to know now: that my ideas were indeed mine, that I had reacted and changed and moved, that I had already analyzed and synthesized, rejecting some thoughts, adopting others, putting yet others away for a while to be thought on. I did not recognize how mentally active an individual I had become, already divorced from the world through my own thoughts, my own perceptions of right and wrong, of honour and justice, of what mattered and what did not. (2007: 117)"
Author: Jean Said Makdisi
8. "It [speaking with words that bring about harmony] consists of speaking of what is good about people, instead of what is wrong with them. For some people this is an almost impossible exercise, for they have become totally habituated to speaking critically. We all seem to have a special talent for finding critical things to say about the world, about others, and about ourselves! (117)"
Author: Jean Yves Leloup
9. "I've had 117 fights and that's the first time I've ever won."
Author: Jimmy Piersall
10. "3,117 people had lost their lives in the flood. And the king had missed breakfast"
Author: Kay Kenyon
11. "Cowboy!" she hollered.Every man on the street turned to stare at her."--pg.117"
Author: Lori Wilde
12. "It is, of course, necessary to have rules and procedures if we wish to accomplish large and complex tasks, but the question of whether or not it is worth the cost must be perennially re-examined. (117)"
Author: Sheldon B. Kopp
13. "The cause of bandha and moksha (bondage and liberation) is our own minds. If we think we are bound, we are bound. If we think we are liberated, we are liberated. . . . It is only when we transcend the mind that we are free from all these troubles. (117)"
Author: Swami Satchidananda
14. "You have made Commerce a god that weighs on humanity like a twenty-four-pound boil on a man's back (117-118)"
Author: Walter Mosley

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