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1. "Ama bir dolandirici olmanin kötü tarafi, insani zor kandirilabilir yapmasidir. Söylediginiz yalanlar kendinize bile olsa bu degismez.(syf. 128)"
Author: Ally Carter
2. "My first Macintosh was a 128k machine which I upgraded to 512k the minute it became possible."
Author: Buffy Sainte Marie
3. "Because he was always tremendously generated towards complete relationship with his women to the point where they ended up in one convoluted octopus mess of souls and tears and fellatio and hotel room schemes and rubbing in and out of cars and doors and great crises in the middle of the night... (p. 128)"
Author: Jack Kerouac
4. "What a desperate, pathetic fool I was. Time after time, my "friends" had shown me their true colors. Yet, I still wanted to believe they were sorry for causing me pain. p. 128"
Author: Jodee Blanco
5. "The breath of the mind is attention 128"
Author: Joseph Joubert
6. "The word of God came down to man as rain to soil, and the result was mud, not clear water. (Bistami) Pg. 128"
Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
7. "Yoksul aydin, zengin aydindan çok daha kuvvetli görür.(s.128)"
Author: Knut Hamsun
8. "Wir existieren in einer Schizophrenen Form des sozialen Lebens. Fremde Mächte haben unser normales Leben okkupiert; und genau wie frembe Eroberer die Ureinwohner von Venedig in einen entlegenen Sumpf hinaustrieben, wo sie ihre Stadt auf Pfählen im Wasser bauen mußten, haben die Mächte die uns und unserer Kräfte ausbeuten, uns in eine unfruchtbare Einöde getrieben, die wir "Privatleben" nennen. (pp. 127-128)"
Author: Lars Gustafsson
9. "The television commercial is not at all about the character of products to be consumed. It is about the character of the consumers of products. (128)"
Author: Neil Postman
10. "But I said wait a minute, I'm going to get a computer, I can do this as well as anybody else. So I did some studying so I knew what kind of boards to get to put a PC together. But there was a guy sitting there with Apple. I said, 'what's that?' and he goes, 'Apple with 128k, it's all built into the box,' and I bought it. That was my first computer."
Author: Sinbad
11. "I didn't talk all the way home, trying not to cry. A missed lesson! But why did it bother me so much? I'd missed lessons before. So what? Mrs. Lawrence was coming back, wasn't she? She had a right to visit her son in Houston, didn't she?...How could I explain I felt as thought part of my personal scaffolding was broken, and how I dangled one-handed from a rope? One-handed from a rope on a sinking ship? (128)"
Author: Susan Shaw

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