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1. "Stasi File Authority—Project Group Reconstruction Time required for the Reconstruction: 1 worker reconstructs on average 10 pages per day 40 workers reconstruct on average 400 pages per day 40 workers reconstruct on average in a year of 250 working days 100,000 pages There are, on average 2,500 pages in one sack 100,000 pages amounts to 40 sacks per year In all, at the Stasi File Authority there are 15,000 sacks This means that to reconstruct everything it would take 40 workers 375 years."
Author: Anna Funder
2. "Do you give the horse his strength or clothe his neck with a flowing mane? Do you make him leap like a locust, striking terror with his proud snorting? He paws fiercely, rejoicing in his strength, and charges into the fray. He laughs at fear, afraid of nothing; he does not shy away from the sword. The quiver rattles against his side, along with the flashing spear and lance. In frenzied excitement he eats up the ground; he cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds."Job 39:19-25"
Author: Anonymous
3. "Theirs is the banner in my hand. And I wish I had the power to tell them that the despair of their hearts was not to be final, and their night was not without hope. For the battle they lost can never be lost. For that which they died to save can never perish. Through all the darkness, through all the shame of which men are capable, the spirit of man will remain alive on this earth. It may sleep, but it will awaken. It may wear chains, but it will break through. And man will go on. Man, not men.~Equality 7-2521 (as Prometheus), pgs 103-104"
Author: Ayn Rand
4. "Quit? You kidding? My life sucks when I´m only half-aware of it. If I quit drinking and saw what it´s really like, I´d probably jump off a bridge."Scott (p.253)"
Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
5. "My hero is the mayor in Jaws. He's a fantastic guy, and he keeps the beaches open, if you remember, even after it's demonstrated that his constituents have been eaten by this killer fish. Of course, he was proved catastrophically wrong in his judgment, but his instincts were right.'Boris Johnson is the mayor of London.Taken from Time Magazine interview: June 25, 2012; page 76."
Author: Boris Johnson
6. "I did 125 films, and over 100 television shows, and you've never seen the same character twice."
Author: Brion James
7. "'Beverly Hills Cop' opened up a whole world. I got the television show and movies, and I would go sign autographs for one hour and get paid $25,000."
Author: Bronson Pinchot
8. "I never said I wanted to be a lead actress; I never said I wanted to be a film actress. This need to trump everyone bewilders me. I'm only 25. I'm not better than anyone. I just want to watch other people and learn to be good."
Author: Carey Mulligan
9. "Woe to the lazy man! Laziness is an evil disease which you must not let seize you in childhood, for when you grow up it cannot be cured. Chapter 25"
Author: Carlo Collodi
10. "I must have done about 25,000 promos."
Author: Casey Kasem
11. "Dos 19 aos 25 anos, Anne. Estes são os "anos de loucura". É a época em que se deve ter loucos casos de amor, longas conversas com alguém que poderia ser mas não é, o grande amor de nossa vida. É quando a gente experimenta usar as roupas mais estranhas e muda de penteado dez vezes por mês, vai a festas esquisitas, bebe demais e vomita no tapete."
Author: Dallas Schulze
12. "Ulusal alaycilar toplulugu: sanki desteginize ihtiyacimiz var da. -251"
Author: Darynda Jones
13. "[On writing:] "There's a great quote by Julius Irving that went, 'Being a professional is doing the things you love to do, on the days you don't feel like doing them.'"(One On 1, interview with Budd Mishkin; NY1, March 25, 2007.)"
Author: David Halberstam
14. "But you know, I'm not 25 anymore, and I have always said musical theater in particular is a young person's game. It requires energy, mentally and physically, to do it."
Author: Elaine Paige
15. "These estimates may well be enhanced by one from F. Klein (1849-1925), the leading German mathematician of the last quarter of the nineteenth century. 'Mathematics in general is fundamentally the science of self-evident things.' ... If mathematics is indeed the science of self-evident things, mathematicians are a phenomenally stupid lot to waste the tons of good paper they do in proving the fact. Mathematics is abstract and it is hard, and any assertion that it is simple is true only in a severely technical sense—that of the modern postulational method which, as a matter of fact, was exploited by Euclid. The assumptions from which mathematics starts are simple; the rest is not."
Author: Eric Temple Bell
16. "The conclusion is simple: if a 200-man project has 25 managers who are the most competent and experienced programmers,fire the 175 troops and put the managers back to programming."
Author: Frederick P. Brooks Jr.
17. "We believe you will not have to pay more than the current rate structure proposes - which is, for 50 percent of the public, nothing; for another 25 percent, only a 10 percent increase; and for the remaining 25 percent, a 34 percent increase."
Author: Gray Davis
18. "The country through which we had been travelling for days has an original beauty. Wide plains were diversified by stretches of hilly country with low passes. We often had to wade through swift running ice-cold brooks. It has long since we had seen a glacier, but as we were approaching the tasam at Barka, a chain of glaciers gleaming in the sunshine came into view. The landscape was dominated by the 25,000-foot peak of Gurla Mandhata; less striking, but far more famous, was the sacred Mount Kailash, 3,000 feet lower, which stands in majestic isolation apart from the Himalayan range."
Author: Heinrich Harrer
19. "When I was 18, I wanted to fuck on the floor and break shit. When I was 25, I wanted to fuck on the floor and break shit. When I was 35, I wanted to fuck on the floor and break shit. Now I'm 40, I want to fuck on the floor and break shit."
Author: Henry Rollins
20. "I try to read everything that's sent me - play scripts, movie scripts - but I've had to make a rule. If the author hasn't grabbed me by Page 25, the piece goes back with a note of apology."
Author: Hume Cronyn
21. "It's an awesome thing to be flung out onto the stage twice a weekend in front of 250 people, and you have to make it up as you go along."
Author: Joel McHale
22. "The Europeans are all deeply tainted with prejudices, both ecclesiastical and temporal, which they can never get rid of. They are all infected with episcopal and presbyterian creeds, and confessions of faith. They all believe that great Principle which has produced this boundless universe, Newton's universe and Herschell's universe, came down to this little ball, to be spit upon by Jews. And until this awful blasphemy is got rid of, there never will be any liberal science in the world.-Letter to Thomas Jefferson (22 January 1825)"
Author: John Adams
23. "We cannot negotiate with people who say what's mine is mine and what's yours is negotiable."[ The Berlin Crisis: Radio and Television Address to the American People (The White House, July 25, 1961)]"
Author: John F. Kennedy
24. "It's getting better and better. You know, guys are feeling more comfortable and they are not afraid to speak up and be a leader. I mean, our team, we have 25 players, we have about 25 leaders, too. So whatever someone says, people listen."
Author: Johnny Damon
25. "You'll regret crossing me!'‘Richard, I regret meeting you. I think you can safely assume that I also regret everything after that as well." (Smith 252)"
Author: Kathryn Smith
26. "The seed for my novel 'Half Brother' was planted in my mind over twenty years ago, but didn't germinate until late 2007 when I came across the obituary for Washoe, an extraordinary chimpanzee who had learned over 250 words of American Sign Language."
Author: Kenneth Oppel
27. "... the Iroquois take dreams very seriously. They see them as the secret wishes of the soul--the heart's desire, so to speak. Not all dreams, maybe, but the important ones. [p.254]"
Author: Kim Edwards
28. "????? ?? ?? ??? ?? ?? ??? ???? ???? ???? ?? ???? ???? ?? ??? ???? ?? ??? ????.????????? ????. ??????? ??????? ????????. ?????? ???????? ???????. ??? ???? ?????: ??? ?????? ????? ISBN 9789647640725."
Author: Kurt Tucholsky
29. "75% Eats 25% Feats"
Author: Kyle Barger
30. "Communications is the number one major in America today. CNN had 25,000 applicants for five intern jobs this summer."
Author: Larry King
31. "I believe dreams connect us to our ancestors and it is through creativity that we can tap into this in the conscious state. Creativity is a sort of trance that we have as artists that erases time and space.-from interview with AmeriCymru (25 August 2010)."
Author: Lorin Morgan Richards
32. "All these perfect days, made of glassPut on the shelf where they can castperfect shadows that stretch and growon the imperfect days down below.... perfect shadows that shift and glow...... perfect shadows that shift and grow...""Sam singing on page 256 of Linger."
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
33. "Some people look like they sound better than they actually sound, because they look confident and have good posture," once musician, a veteran of many auditions, says. "Other people look awful when they play but sound great. Other people have that belabored look when they play, but you can't hear it in the sound. There is always this dissonance between what you see and hear" (p.251)."
Author: Malcolm Gladwell
34. "The number of small businesses in the United States totals about 25 million. Because most of these have a local trading territory, relatively few advertise online. Online advertising reaches the masses of the Internet world, whether they are local or not."
Author: Marc Ostrofsky
35. "The gulf coast, we all know now, after Katrina, is responsible for 25 percent of U.S. production of natural gas. Following Katrina and Rita, almost 75 percent of the natural gas production in the gulf was shut down and not producing."
Author: Mark Foley
36. "Rock'n'roll is a teenage sport, meant to be played by teenagers of all ages--they could be 15, 25 or 35. It all boils down to whether they've got the love in their hearts, that beautiful teenage spirit... -Calvin Johnson"
Author: Michael Azerrad
37. "After 25 the only thing you'll be precocious at is death."
Author: Patricia L. Steffy
38. "25—Muchacho, ¿por qué tienes esta mirada enloquecida?—Debí de beber algún zumo de adormidera para que los ojos se me llenaran de esta locura.—¡Avergüénzate, pues!—Hay prudentes y hay locos, previsores y despreocupados. Hay ojos que sonríen y ojos que lloran, y mis ojos están llenos de locura.—Muchacho, ¿por qué estás tan quieto a la sombra de este árbol?—Mi corazón pesa en mis pies y descanso a la sombra de este árbol.—¡Avergüénzate, pues!—Unos andan por el camino, otros pasean, algunos son libres, otros están encadenados, y mi corazón pesa en mis pies."
Author: Rabindranath Tagore
39. "Why pay $100 on a therapy session when you can spend $25 on a cigar? Whatever it is will come back; so what, smoke another one."
Author: Raul Julia
40. "Religion became an end, rather than a means, a substitute for God. Until alcoholism intervened and forced the issue: God, or religion? – p. 125"
Author: Ray A.
41. "I became a real Shell Motor Oil expert, and I did this 25-minute film. It turned out really well and, as a result, they offered me more work and lots of commercials to direct."
Author: Renny Harlin
42. "The Amazon is not just a set of trees. It is a set of 25 million people. If we don't create real economic opportunities for them, the practical result is to encourage disorganized economic activities that results in the further destruction of the rain forest."
Author: Roberto Unger
43. "I'm 25, but I was a kid on the set. But everybody was really great."
Author: Shane West
44. "Those 25 dancers we worked with for a day, in as highly productive a way as possible - a long class, a period of teaching bits of the repertory - in fact I didn't teach Bank, I've used parts of Oil and Water."
Author: Siobhan Davies
45. "At various points in our lives, or on a quest, and for reasons that often remain obscure, we are driven to make decisions which prove with hindsight to be loaded with meaning. (225)"
Author: Swami Satchidananda
46. "Physician error, medication error and adverse events from drugs or surgery kill 225,400 people per year (Chart 1.5).11 That makes our health care system the third leading cause of death in the United States, behind only cancer and heart disease (Chart 1.4"
Author: T. Colin Campbell
47. "Several families interviewed for this book recommended the oldest persuasive tool known to man: bribery. Each child is given some amounts of virtual cash, 25-30 cents, for each hour of good behaviour. The same amount is subtracted from their accounts for breaking the rules. All purchases for fun - whether souvenirs, ice cream, or otherwise - come out of their own individual accounts. No balance, no goodies. This often requires more self-control on the part of the parents than the children."
Author: Timothy Ferriss
48. "I am a practicing Buddhist. I have been for 25 years."
Author: Tina Turner
49. "By 2020, 50 percent of imports should be reduced, which should become 75 percent by 2025. By 2030, India should be energy independent."
Author: Veerappa Moily
50. "It just wasn't right the way they were behind by 25 points and then they're told to hold the ball."
Author: Wilt Chamberlain

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